Landscape Rocks

Providing landscape rocks such as River Rock and Shale Rock

G. Mason Construction carries landscape rock for you to enhance your yard, business, or garden landscape. River rock and shale rock are two of the most saught after rocks to add value, classic design, and a finishing touch to your area.

River rock for your garden

River rock is also referred to as potato stone, as the stones are rounded and not crushed. Commonly used in gardens as decorative stones, rivers rocks range from 1-2", 3-4", and 6-10".

Shale rock for your walkway

Shale rock is layers of rock approximately 2" that have been separated when excavation has occurred. It is commonly used for walkways, stepping stones, retaining walls, or for decoration.

Landscape rocks for decorating your lawn or garden

G. Mason Construction carries landscape rocks that range from 6 inches to 3 feet, made up of various sizes and colours. It is mainly used for decorative purposes.