Garden Mix

High Quality Garden Mix for improved growth

Most of the area in Southern Ontario has a lot of clay and this can make it a challenge to improve the look of your yard. Using a high quality garden mix will help your lawn or garden get the nutrients it needs.

What is our Garden Mix made up of?

At G. Mason Construction we use a blend of 70% Sandyloam, 15% Blackloam, 10% manure, and 5% sand. It doesn't stop there, we finely screen our garden mix to ensure it reaches the highest quality that we expect from our products.

How much garden mix do you need?

We recommend 2 inches of garden mix for your lawn, to allow the roots ample depth to ensure they are always nestled in the nutrients and water they need to survive. With our screening process there will be no need for you to spend additional time racking it clean. Use Garden Mix when you are topping up more than 4” to your Garden. Garden Mix also works great with new shrubs and trees. When building your garden, just add our garden mix and start planting.