Providing gravel aggregate in a wide variety of options

G. Mason Construction offers a wide variety of gravel aggregates to meet your construction and project needs. Whether you are using A Gravel as a base or Pea Stone as a decorative stone to finish off a classic landscaping project, G. Mason Construction will have your gravel aggregate available.

What types of gravel aggregate do we have?

G. Mason carries the following products:

  • A Gravel
  • B Gravel
  • 3/4" Clear Stone
  • 3/8" Pea stone

A Gravel 

Commonly referred to as road gravel, its primary function is as a road base. A mixture of 3/4" or less stone and sand, A Gravel compacts well and is great for use in driveways, under buildings, and patio stones. Recycled A Gravel is a fantastic alternative, while is has the same functionality of regular A Grade, it is made form crushed concrete.

B Gravel

Also known as Pit Run is an effect stone used for the construction of driveways, parking lots, etc. to provide a solid base. I can consist of smaller rock and sand, to larger rocks and sand. We carry various types of B Gravel.

3/4" Clear Stone

Is commonly referred to as drainage stone, as it is usually placed in areas that require drainage. It is traditionally placed around pipes to provide protection from larger rocks which may cause damage, but it can also serve as a decorate rock as well.

3/8" Pea Stone

Commonly referred to as Pea Stone as the stones tend to be round and resemble peas. Pea gravel is fractured but can still function as ornamental stone, dig run gravel, or drainage behind retaining walls. Serving the same purpose as Clear Stone, it is usually placed around pipes to protect them from the larger rocks. It can also be used as a decorate rock, enhancing your landscaping project.