Heavy Equipment Services

Offering heavy equipment services to support your project needs

G. Mason Construction offers heavy equipment services for any situation that requires large, industrial sized equipment. Whether clearing an emergency situation, towing large objects, or extraction of large equipment, we are there with our heavy equipment services.  G. Mason Construction also has the necessary permits from the Ministry of Environment to handle and transport various materials.

Examples of our heavy equipment services

Our specialized heavy equipment services include:

  • Site Preparation and Topsoil Removal
  • Loading and moving material using excavators, loaders, 40 ton Rock Trucks or Triaxle dump trucks 
  • Small to Large excavation (Residential and Commercial)
  • Preparation for concrete and asphalt applications
  • Heavy Equipment plant maintenance
  • Railway maintenance
  • Accident removal for OPP
  • Overturned Transports/Equipment 
  • Train Derailment Services
  • Commercial/industrial watermain maintenance
  • Airport maintenance
  • Topsoil Removal Service (Large Scale)