Landscaping Material

Garden Supplies for all your needs

Whether you are carrying for a small garden, commercial property, or a municipality G. Mason Construction carries high quality garden supplies to help make your garden lush, fertile, and producing the results you want to see. We offer a range of products to help fulfill your garden supply needs. Our products include:

  • Garden mix
  • Triple mix
  • Screened top soil
  • Black loam
  • Stone screenings
  • Landscape rock
  • Sand
  • Compost and manure
  • Speciality Mixes
    • 60/40
    • 80/20
    • Aged Manure
    • compost
    • fill

Aggregate gravel for your construction requirements

Sometimes you need some construction supplies for larger projects. Building a walkway, driveway, or retaining wall may require specific aggregate or sand to complete your project properly. Some of the products we offer include:

  • A Gravel (Granular A)
  • Recycled Asphalt
  • Stone Screenings
  • 3/4" Clear Stone
  • 3/8" Pea Stone
  • B Gravel (Granular B)
  • Pit Run Gravel
  • Screened sand


G Mason Construction offers quality mulches that provide functionality, plus add colour and finish your gardens and landscaping.  All our mulches are organic shredded pine or cedar originating from Northern Ontario.

  • Natural Pine Mulch
  • Natural Cedar Mulch
  • Red Cedar Mulch
  • Black Cedar Mulch